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This is me!

Posted on 4 March, 2021 at 11:30


For those of you who don't know me I'm Tara Linkowska (HdipCT), Complementary therapist and owner of The Therapy Studio in Ulverston, Cumbria.


I have been a qualified therapist for over 8 years now and I have enjoyed every single moment!


What I am most known for by my clients is my skills as a massage therapist and my holistic approach to all treatments but what does the word holistic mean?


Holistic means whole. Which means we take the whole of your being into account when providing a treatment. Whether that be a massage, facial, foot treatment or a body balancing therapy, we look at caring for the entire body and the mind as one.

 Having studied the physiology of the human body in great depth I have come to have a good understanding of how the body functions on a chemical level too. These chemicals, also known as hormones, play a vital role in the function of our bodies. Holistic treatments can help to stabilise or boost the release of these hormones thus providing a state of equilibrium throughout the body.


Massage therapy, when provided correctly, can be one of the best treatments for a person to enjoy. Not only does it help to relieve tired and aching muscles, it helps the body systems such as the circulatory, lymphatic and endocrine systems to flow better and provides the cells the correct chemicals to function optimally or in turn, flush away the waste that needs to be expulsed.

In addition to this, massage therapy is super relaxing for the mind and body. As a holistic therapist I also focus on your energy field. I do this by working with the Chakra’s,'spinning wheels' of energy or energy vortexes located throughout the body . These “wheels” of energy also relate to a specific part of the body. For example, the heart Chakra is associated with the cardiac system and the lungs as well as emotions such as love, forgiveness, compassion and gratitude.

In my next post I will be talking about the natural products I use during my treatments and how they complement my work as a therapist. I will discuss the use of essential oils and plant-based nutrients in the massge oils and skincare ranges which help us to look and feel fantastic.

In the mean time, if you have any questions about the services or products I provide please do get in touch!

Best wishes,

Tara :)


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